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Episode 23 Full Flush - Brett Hinkey (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Jeremy continue the conversation with Brett in the Full Flush. Jeremy does some fact-checking of some of the material covered in the Pit Stop.

Episode 23 Pit Stop - Brett Hinkey: The Inherent Worth and Value of People

Samantha sits down with long-time friend Brett Hinkey to discuss his love of freedom, however the discussion turns to a talk about the inherent value and worth of all human beings.

Episode 22 Full Flush - Carylee Carrington (Bonus Episode)

The conversation continues with Carylee Carrington. In the "Full Flush," Jeremy joins us to further discuss the topic of "don't touch hair."

Episode 22 Pit Stop - Carylee Carrington: Celebrating Differences

Samantha sits down with Carylee Carrington, children's author and host of the Read with Carylee show on YouTube, talking about her mission to help kids celebrate their differences.

Episode 21 Full Flush - Darren and Lawanda Council (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Jeremy continue the conversation with Darren and Lawanda to explore what can strengthen a marriage.

Episode 21 Pit Stop - Darren and Lawanda Council

Samantha and Jeremy sit down with Darren and Lawanda Council to talk about their Facebook show, Unscripted Marriage. They discuss the origins of their marriage and how they came to have a heart for being "missionaries for marriage."

Episode 20 Full Flush - Samantha and Jeremy with the Kids (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Jeremy sit down with their two kids (ages 7 and 9) for an interview that includes some insightful questions from Conner and some fart jokes. This episode comes from the recovered archives of the lost hard drive.

Episode 20 Pit Stop: Hard Drive Crash Special - Podcast Reflections... for now

Samantha and Jeremy were able to turn the crashing of their hard drive into an opportunity to reflect on the first 6 months of their podcasting journey...for now.

Episode 19 Full Flush - Amy Crescimanno-Word: Pit Stop Part 2

Samantha and Amy continue their conversation that couldn't be contained in the Pit Stop. Amy tells her "Umbro Shorts" story and continues on to tell the unsuspecting "Treadmill" story.

Episode 19 Pit Stop - Amy Crescimanno-Word: "Breaking The Shame"

Samantha and Amy reflect on some of the stories from her past and how telling stories that aren't otherwise told "breaks the shame" for other people who have experienced the similar things.

Episode 18 Full Flush - Kerry Thomas (Bonus Episode)

Samantha continues the conversation with Kerry Thomas, an organizational and productivity expert. In the "after show," Kerry shares her experience with the TED Talk she did, then Samantha discusses what "the worst thing that could possibly happen" is to her.

Episode 18 Pit Stop - Kerry Thomas: Conquer The Chaos

Samantha sits down with Kerry Thomas, an organization and productivity expert, to talk about how to organize our crazy lives. They talk about the 5 step process and Kerry provides practical tips.

Episode 17 Full Flush - Natasha Frisk (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Natasha continue their conversation about health and wellness and dive into other topics from tattoos to The Grateful Dead.

Episode 17 Pit Stop - Natasha Frisk: Health and Wellness

Natasha Frisk visits the studio for the second time to continue the discussion on health and wellness.

Episode 16 Full Flush - Debbie Jewell (Bonus Episode)

Samantha continues her conversation with Debbie Jewell. The full flush delves into everybody's college experience at Virginia Tech, and Samantha opens up her birthday present.

Episode 16 Pit Stop - Debbie Jewell: Being Open to Change

Samantha sits down with an old friend, Debbie Jewell, to talk about changes; how we are resistant and how we should embrace change.

Episode 15 Full Flush - Gretchen Kelsey (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Gretchen continue their conversation and get into other topics that include "leveling up" literally in a video game with her husband and choosing the right college.

Episode 14 Full Flush - Allison Griffin (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Allison continue their conversation about her son's dwarfism as well as other topics from parenting to Mad Men.

Episode 14 Pit Stop - Allison Griffin: Dwarfism Awareness

Samantha sits down with Allison Griffin to talk about her son's diagnosis of Diastrophic Dysplasia, a rare genetic condition that causes dwarfism.

Episode 13 Full Flush - Kristy Dunaway (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Kristy continue their conversation on different personality styles and the role of faith in their lives.

Episode 13 Pit Stop - Kristy Dunaway: The Platinum Rule and Personality Styles.

Samantha and Kristy sit down to talk about the crucial difference between the Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule. They also discuss how different personality styles affect how we can build relationships, both personal and professional.

Episode 12 Pit Stop - Matt Jennings: Changing Careers

Samantha sits down with Matt Jennings, one half of M&M Exteriors, to talk about his transition from being a lawyer to a roofing contractor. They also chat about how he came to be the podcast sponsor.

Episode 12 Full Flush - Matt Jennings (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Matt continue their conversation about his previous life as a lawyer and now as a business owner.

Episode 11 Pit Stop - Jennifer Perrius: Marriage and sex.

Samantha sits down with Jenn Perrius to talk about sex, specifically her perspective as it relates to her marriage and what she has learned over the last 25 years.

Episode 11 Full Flush - Jennifer Perrius (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Jenn continue the conversation from Episode 11 and hear some of Jeremy's perspective.

Episode 10 - Meghan Stubbs: Friends and parenting.

Samantha initially sat down with her friend Meghan Stubbs to practice for the podcast but it was too fun not to share! They share their tips on parenting and a few fun stories.

Episode 9 - Rebecca Burtram: Back to School success

Samantha sits down with Rebecca Burtram again to talk about ways to help students succeed, according to a teacher. Advice anyone can benefit from in all areas of life.

Episode 8 - Christina Ammerman: Master Mindset Healer

Samantha sits down with Christina Ammerman, master mindset healer to discuss how powerful our mind is and how much it affects how and what we do every day.

Episode 7 - Gretchen Kelsey: Raising kids away from family.

Samantha talks with Gretchen Kelsey about what it's like to raise kids away from family and also some lessons learned along the way that we could all benefit from hearing.

Episode 6 - Kathleen Novasack: Building and maintaining friendship.

Samantha and her BFF, Kathleen, talk about friendship and how building relationships change as we get older.

Episode 5 - Jacquelyn Rodriguez: The power of a positive mindset.

Samantha and Jacquelyn talk about the power of positivity, meditation and more. Jacquelyn's mission to help people find their true passions and live their life with intention and positivity.

Episode 4 - Natasha Frisk: Get and stay healthy!

Samantha and Natasha sit down to talk all things health and wellness. Well, not ALL things. Natasha keeps things simple and shares ways we can get and stay healthy (keyword stay)!

Episode 3 - Kate Sprague: Growing hope and passions.

Samantha and Kate Sprague, from Flourish with Kate, sit down to talk about how gardening saved her life and the lessons learned from finding your passion. They also talk about how Samantha saved a woman's life...sort of.

Episode 2 - Dawn Gardner: Changing the story you tell yourself.

Samantha talks with Dawn Gardner of DG Photography about empowering women by changing the story we tell ourselves.

Episode 1 - Rebecca Burtram: You are enough!

Samantha sits down to talk with Rebecca Burtram about the origins of the podcast, why potty humor can be an invitation to genuine connection and vulnerability and how we can cope with feelings of being enough.

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