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Episode 56 - Clara Wasserstein: Nobody Is Perfect

This week, Samantha talks with Clara Wasserstein about perfectionism and her journey from being brought up in the culture of Hasidic Judaism to where she is today. With such a protected and conservative upbringing, she explains some of the struggles that came when she decided to leave the Hasidic Jewish community. She talks about how we all need to truly embrace ourselves and who we are, the need for support in our lives, how we should all strive to live in the space between black and white. Clara explains that we will all mess up in life, but what matters is what we do after we mess up. This conversation is a look at what we all can learn from someone who has left her entire life behind, everything she has ever known, to start over because she knew that things weren't what they appeared to be and she wanted a better life for her children. Take a listen as Samantha and Clara Flush It Out.

Episode 55 - Marianne Clyde: The Search For Meaning

This week, Samantha talks with Marianne Clyde, retired therapist and founder of Be The Change. The conversation centers around what it means to find meaning in every day circumstances and in life overall. They talk about COVID and the challenges that come with that and Marianne shares a very insightful metaphor about a small puddle that forms off of a flowing stream. Finally, Marianne shares why it's important for people with a message to rise up and share. The amount of wisdom Marianne has to offer is astounding, so listen in as she and Samantha "Flush It Out!"

Episode 54 - Susan McCorkindale: Be Kind To Yourself

This week, Samantha talks with two-time New York Time's bestselling author, Susan McCorkindale. Samantha and Susan start talking about how COVID has affected them and countless others who are dealing with the mental stress associated with a pandemic. Susan shares her words of knowledge the best way she knows how; by celebrating her own flaws. The conversation ends with a discussion about grieving the loss of your plans in 2020 and how to "bounce forward" rather than "bounce back." Listen in as Samantha and Susan Flush It Out!

Episode 53 - Jill Perla: Thinking Takes Time

To kick off Season 2, Samantha talked with Jill Perla, a businesswoman-turned-artist to flush out how this transformation came to be. The episode covers Jill's journey from childhood with a sister who was hard-of-hearing, through hypnosis, and all the way to genuinely saying "Thank you!" when somebody tells her that they don't like her artwork.

Episode 52 - Rebecca and Jon Burtram: Boundaries

This week, on Episode 52, one full year into podcasting, Samantha continues to Flush It Out with Rebecca Burtram. This time, her husband, Jon Burtram, joins in the conversation on boundaries. What are healthy boundaries? What are porous boundaries? What are rigid boundaries? We talk about all of these and more in this week's episode! Join us as we Flush It Out!

Episode 51 - Rebecca Burtram: Uncomfortable Conversations

This week, Samantha sits down with Rebecca Burtram to have a comfortable conversation about uncomfortable conversations. Do you ever "just know" that you need to talk to somebody about something difficult but you just can't bring yourself to do it? Listen in for some amazing tips on how to do it and why it is so important.

Episode 50 - Jeremy Spittle: Personal Reflections on Therapy

This week, Samantha sits down in-studio to talk with none other than her husband and podcast editor and producer, Jeremy Spittle. Samantha and Jeremy discuss therapy and what it has been like for him. They get into what is involved with therapy, how therapy has affected Jeremy's relationship with his wife, kids, and others, and who therapy would be good for (spoiler alert... the answer is "everybody"). Part of their conversation also touches on how therapy has changed his views on the world, and more specifically the racial tensions being experienced in the world today. So, sit back and listen in on Samantha's conversation with Jeremy as they "Flush It Out!"

Episode 49 - Christina Ammerman: Recognizing Fear

This week's episode features past guest, Christina Ammerman. Samantha and Christina did a Facebook Live in April 2020 to talk about fear and core wounds during the COVID-19 quarantine, and this episode is the audio from that video. The conversation then still holds true even now after we have been in some form of quarantine for months. If you've never had an opportunity to hear about "core wounds" or "core fears" this conversation should be eye-opening. Enjoy!

Episode 48 - A Different Truth

This week's episode is actually an episode from another podcast called "A Different Truth." Samantha was a guest on this episode a couple of weeks ago and the episode originally aired May 24, 2020, which was one day before the death of George Floyd. The topic of conversation then holds as true today as it did then. Please visit their website at ADifferentTruthPodcast.com for more episodes and conversations on this topic. If you are interested in joining the conversation, you can find opportunities for this at bethebridge.com

Episode 47 - Tina Unrue: Self(ish) Mama

This week, Samantha is joined by Tina Unrue, creator of the coaching business "Selfish Mama." Tina shares her journey on how she became a coach and its beginnings in her becoming a mother. She talks about the "stepladder" approach of having awareness, changing your mindset, and then trying on new thoughts. This stepladder approach is something we can all certainly benefit from, so have a listen as Samantha flushes it out with Tina Unrue! https://www.selfishmama.com/

Episode 46 - Andrea Dotterer - The Authentic You

This week, Samantha sits down with Andrea Dotterer, CEO of Authentic Empire, LLC. Andrea helps entrepreneurs build an authentic social media presence, which starts by finding out WHO you really are at your core. She shares her journey and how being broken lead to growth and confidence. Join us as we flush it out and be inspired to be your authentic self!

Episode 45 - Jean Humbrecht: More Than A Defense Attorney

This week, Samantha sits down with criminal and traffic defense attorney Jean Humbrecht. Jean recently published her book, More Than A Fine: The True Cost of Speeding in Virginia. As she does on FIO, Samantha dives into what drew Jean into practicing law, specifically defense, which led to a conversation about mindfulness, empathy and shame. Jean also walks through what it would look like if you found yourself in trouble with the law.

Episode 44 - Ed Johnson: Walking Beside Others

This week, Samantha talks with Executive Leadership Coach, Ed Johnson. Samantha and Ed flush out why Ed enjoys coaching professionals and walking with them in their journeys. Ed walks through his own personal journey and reflects on the people that walked with him during that journey. So, listen in to a great conversation as Samantha and Ed "Flush It Out!"

Episode 43 - Mark Miller: Discomfort = Growth

This week, Samantha sits down with financial planner, Mark Miller, to talk about coaching and leadership. Mark talks about how he feels he can be the best leader and coach and can back it all up with State Championship Soccer teams. What it boils down to is that in order to realize growth in our own lives, we must accept that there will be some discomfort.

Episode 42 - Brett Hinkey: The Inherent Worth and Value of People (Part 2)

This week, Samantha socially distances herself from Brett Hinkey for another COVID-19 edition of Flushing It Out. Samantha and Brett continue to discuss the inherent worth and value of every human being as an extension to his previous episode. This time, they discuss the boundaries between trade schools and four year colleges and universities because coming out of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a high likelihood of people getting into trades. Finally, Samantha asks Brett about FIO's sister podcast (or step-sister?), Bible On The Rocks.

Episode 41 Pit Stop - Chris Albright: Situational Awareness

This week’s guest is Chris Albright. Chris is certified in teaching situational awareness to individuals and groups of people. What is situational awareness, you may ask? In a nutshell, this means paying attention to your surroundings to avoid trouble. Initially, the idea was to record a podcast episode focused on this idea, but then, COVID-19 happened, so the threats are much more different now than they were before. So, we decided to discuss how to be aware in the current situation we all find ourselves with the Coronavirus. We end with Chris sharing some changes that he has made personally that have helped not only his own personal awareness, but also his health.

Episode 40 - Jacquelyn Rodriguez: The Reality Within Us

In this week's episode, Samantha begins recording remotely due to the COVID 19 crisis by talking via Zoom with Intuitive Healing Business Coach, Jacquelyn Rodriguez! Jacquelyn talks about "The Reality Within Us" and how we can flip the story of the COVID-19 quarantine. In order to do so, there are three things we must to; love yourself, trust yourself, and think you are worthy. Jacquelyn covers different ways in which we can flip our scripts including goal setting and meditation. If you're having trouble with the Coronavirus and need help, listen in and take notes!

Episode 39 Full Flush - Emily Yarrison (Bonus Episode)

Emily and Samantha continue their conversation in this week's Full Flush. Emily is well-traveled, and has plenty of stories to share about some of her experiences in her travels overseas. The majority of this Full Flush delves into Emily's experience with South Korea, and how these have shaped who she is today. Enjoy!

Episode 39 Pit Stop - Emily Yarrison: Storytelling And The Personal Connection

This week on the Pit Stop, Samantha sits down with The Moth DC's 2019 Grand Slam Champion, Emily Yarrison. Emily has been a featured storytelling in cities along the East Coast and has a unique perspective on how a story can help with parenting, teaching, being a manager, and many other applications. In this Pit Stop, Emily and Samantha flush out how to get storytelling to help with all of those personal connections. Enjoy!

Episode 38 Full Flush - Kristina Kotlus (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Kristina continue their conversation in this week's Full Flush bonus episode. Kristina continues to educate us on different types of brain cancer, how rare hers was, and how she was able to have a special connection to children going through the same thing. The conversation gets into how so many times we can look perfectly fine on the outside, but be so broken and/or hurting on the inside. So, listen in!

Episode 38 Pit Stop - Kristina Kotlus: I Quit. Facing Cancer With Faith, Family, and Friends

This week, Samantha sits down with Kristina Kotlus, creator of the blog, "PWC Moms," and author of the book, "I Quit. Facing Cancer with Faith, Family, and Friends (and Sarcasm. There's a lot of that, too.)" In this episode, there's plenty of sarcasm to go around, but there's also a lot of serious talk about Kristina's experience with brain cancer... twice. She gives great insight on what it's like to go through cancer and how to be a good friend to somebody who is going through cancer or has gone through cancer. She talks about not being a competitor in the "Suffering Olympics," the benefits of having a "Blessing Journal," and how to choose joy in dire circumstances, among other things. Listen in for a great, and insightful, conversation!

Episode 37 Full Flush - Brad McConnell: The Universality of Raising Kids (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Brad continue the conversation in this week's Full Flush. Brad shared some more thoughts and memories around gender norms and what it means to be a stay-at-home/work-from-home dad. Be sure to tune in because this episode is where Samantha feels the most "seen" due to the things Brad talks about.

Episode 37 Pit Stop - Brad McConnell: The Universality of Raising Kids

In this week's episode, Samantha sits down with Brad McConnell, owner of Northern Virginia Business Law. Don't let that mislead you, though, because they don't talk much about business law. Instead, they talk about Brad's journey from being a "big firm" lawyer to his role today of being a stay-at-home/work-from-home dad. He provides unique perspectives on topics such as play-dates, finding shoes, and going to the dentist. Ever had the desire to spend more quality time with your family instead of toiling away at work? Brad's experience will shed some light on how to get it done.

Episode 36 Full Flush - Nicole Naples (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Nicole continue the conversation in this week's Full Flush! Nicole discusses the beginnings of teaching her kids how to voice their opinions and how they're even starting to call her out when she doesn't discuss her own feelings about certain things. Enjoy!

Episode 36 Pit Stop - Nicole Naples: The Girl Link

This week's guest is Nicole Naples, creator of The Girl Link, about how it came to be and what it's all about. She talks about how The Girl Link gives a voice to mothers and daughters to discuss tough topics that come up in the lives of our children. If you are raising children in today's society, you'll definitely want to hear this conversation!

Episode 35 Full Flush - Tom Bigoski (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Tom continue the conversation after the Pit Stop in this week's Full Flush episode. Tom talks about a variety of topics from Facebook "Retro Bombing" to the best food joints in the area. The episode ends with a shout out to moms! Enjoy!

Episode 35 Pit Stop - Tom Bigoski: Personal Branding

This week, Samantha sits down with Insurance Agent Extraordinaire, Tom Bigoski! Tom talks all about the reasons why he decided to leave the company he was with to form his own insurance company. He discusses his motivations and some of the challenges that were met along the way. If you've ever considered starting your own company, but haven't considered that you'll have to "fix the copier if it breaks," listen in for some great insight!

Episode 34 Full Flush - Susan McCorkindale (Bonus Episode)

Samantha and Susan continue the conversation in this week's Full Flush bonus episode. Susan shares a piece of advice that she gives, but has trouble accepting herself and continues the conversation about building resilience before you need it. Eventually, Jeremy needs to ask her about her affinity for Eli Manning.

Episode 34 Pit Stop - Susan McCorkindale: "Flaws Are The New Black"

This week, Samantha sits down with two time NY Times bestselling author, TEDx Speaker, and host of "Flaws Are The New Black," Susan McCorkindale. Susan shares with us the aspects of her life that got her to become an author, including the sickness and loss of her husband. It is her experience during this time that helped shape her second book, her TEDx talk, and has given her a unique ability to "share her sh*t."

Episode 33 Full Flush - Samantha Spittle: Reverse Podcast! (Bonus)

Matt continues the conversation with his guest, Samantha Spittle after having taken a break to have dinner and margaritas at Hector's of Nokesville. In this Full Flush, the topic delves into Samantha's vision for the podcast and how it continues to evolve over time.

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