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Episode 33 Pit Stop - Samantha Spittle: Reverse Podcast!

Matt Jennings, the Reverse Podcast host, sits down with this weeks "guest," Samantha Spittle. Matt and Samantha discuss her journey from humble beginnings to getting a podcast started. Samantha tells us about her life growing up as an Army BRAT and how that shaped the way she is today, and she even includes a story about a mishap she had while wearing a zebra-print coat. Enjoy!

Episode 32 Full Flush - Heather Gardner: Do What's Right and Fear No One (Bonus Episode)

Samantha continues the conversation with Heather Gardner in this week's Full Flush where Heather talks a little bit more about her weight loss journey and how we can all become self-fulfilling prophecies. She ends with a couple of powerful stories that we should all learn from of abuse in her past relationships. Be sure to listen to the end so you don't miss anything!

Episode 32 Pit Stop - Heather Gardner: Love With Your Whole Self

Samantha sits down with Heather Gardner in this episode to discuss weight loss, self-image, selfless love, taking chances, and being completely authentic. The topics may sound diverse, but they all tie into Heather's powerful story that she shares and carries over into the Full Flush.

Episode 31 Full Flush - Bible On The Rocks Hosts (Bonus Preview)

Samantha sits down with 4 of the hosts of the Bible On The Rocks podcast to talk briefly about their mission and to get a quick explanation about what their podcast is all about. She may get more than she bargained for as they try their hand at some 1920's homemade radio sound effects and other hijinks.

Episode 31 Pit Stop - Amelia Stansell: Figuring Out Your Finances (Part 2)

Part 2 of Amelia's tips for becoming financially fit! Amelia continues to provide tips on how to become financially healthy including her take on the best way to pay off debt, how to honor your financial goals, and how she makes "budget time" into "together time."

Episode 30 Full Flush - Amelia Stansell's Vision for Improving the Community's Financial Health

Amelia Stansell shares with us her vision for improving the financial health of the local community.

Episode 30 Pit Stop - Amelia Stansell: Figuring Out Your Finances

Samantha sits down with Episode 26 returning guest, Amelia Stansell to talk about finances. In this episode we delve into the world of money and Amelia gives us some of her tips for being financially secure and independent. Stay tuned next week, because there was too much for just one episode!

Episode 29 Full Flush - Sara O'Brien: Insight From an Aesthetician (Bonus)

Samantha continues the conversation with Sara O'Brien and gets into much more detail about what an aesthetician does. What's the strangest waxing she's ever done? Why is it called a "Brazillian?" Tune in to find out!

Episode 29 Pit Stop - Sara O'Brien: Changing the Superficial Outside to Feel Better Inside

Aesthetician Sara O'Brien joins Samantha in the studio to talk about her journey from studying to be a counselor to where she is today. Don't know what and aesthetician is? Listen in and find out!

Episode 28 Full Flush - Colleen Shumaker (Bonus Episode)

Samantha, Jeremy, and Colleen continue the conversation in the Full Flush. Samantha shares what she wants on her tombstone and the conversation covers a wide array of topics from having different categories of friends to "jiffy-gifs."

Episode 28 Pit Stop - Colleen Shumaker: Finding the Fantastic

Samantha sits down with the founder of Finding the Fantastic, Colleen Shumaker, to discuss what Finding the Fantastic is and what her journey was to get there.

Episode 27 Full Flush - Christina Ammerman (Bonus Episode)

The conversation continues with Christina Ammerman! Jeremy chimes in with questions that came up for him during the Pit Stop episode and the conversation ranges from a discussion about musicals to PTSD associated with abuse as a child.

Episode 27 Pit Stop - Christina Ammerman: Finding Joy

Samantha sits down to talk with Christina Ammerman to discuss her jouney to finding joy. They discuss the Law of Polarity, primary intentions of people, and how music helps to find joy.

Episode 26 Full Flush - Amelia Stansell: Time Management and Productivity (Part 2 BONUS)

There were too many great pointers to cover, so this week's Full Flush is a continuation of the Pit Stop episode. Samantha and Amelia continue their conversation and Amelia goes through a few more pointers that will help us keep our New Years resolutions going further into 2020.

Episode 26 Pit Stop - Amelia Stansell: Time Management and Productivity

Happy New Year, Flushers!! To kick off 2020 on a productive foot, Samantha talks with Amelia Stansell about time management. If you want to make 2020 a productive year, Amelia gives us the insight on how to make lists and prioritize. There's so much information, we had to move a lot of information to the Full Flush Friday episode.

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